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Book now for Summer VBS programs! Options include booking Jennie for the entire week or for a one day only concert. Contact us to learn more!


1.  We lead the music for VBS Week! We use music exclusively from the God is Great! CD Series. Usually 15-20 minutes to open and 15-20 minutes at closing. Theme Song: We select a song from God is Great! that fits with your VBS theme.

2. We reach the families as well! Parents come back early to watch the closing!

3. We have a "Friends and Family Night" where familles come for a meal and a concert! The kids join us up front for much the concert!

4. We do local mission work! In the past,  we've gone to a local trailer park where the church does regular mission work. We set up in the parking lot. The church serves a simple meal (hot dogs, chips, lemonade, etc) and we perform a concert!

5. We see signifigant increases in enrollment.
- Increased enrollment from the  beginning to the end of the week (Almost 300% at one church!)
- Dramatic increases of enrollment from the previous year.
(More than 30%! last year!)

6. You can book us for just one day! Some churches start off by booking just one day. We do a concert for the kids during the day and the "Family and  Friends Night" that evening.

7. Want to learn more? Contact us using the form on this page and we will be in touch!
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