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NEW!  Beauty from the Ashes... My Song of Grace

Jennie Williamson will deliver an inspiring message about the balance of being a leader in a Christian environment and being a “Normal” human being.  Jennie will share many of God's wonderful promises; how those promises bring balance to our life in Ministry and at home as well as the beauty that comes when His promises are fulfilled. We are unique and we are loved by God. Your mind may know this, but is there more?
God's Incredible Design:  Right-Brain, Left Brain
Jennie Williamson (Right-Brained) will challenge the way you teach, communicate, learn and love in the classroom. Jennie, from AriSon Records, is also the founder of Williamson Music Studio in Franklin, TN where she teaches and oversees approximately 100 students and 8 staff. What she has learned over the last 12 years has helped teachers and parents have a better understanding of how our children process information. Jennie will share techniques that will give you the ability to quickly diagnose students in a matter of minutes, how to get right-brained (Creative) students to stay focused in the classroom and get better grades and higher test scores. One key to higher grades and higher test scores is getting a better understanding of how each student processes information. This keynote will not only change your classroom and students, it will change your life as well.
  1. Right Brain, Left Brain
  2. Right Brain, Left Brain
  3. Right Brain, Left Brain
 “I am Unique… God made you very special!”
In this keynote, Jennie reminds us that each one of us is Unique and loved by God. She will share with you how music and the fine arts impacted her life growing up, how a series of events forever changed her life, how one student’s medical journey strengthened her faith and her teaching strategy.
This inspirational keynote gives parents and teachers techniques and information for their work with each unique child at home or in the classroom.  In addition, the keynote is designed to fill each attendees emotional and spiritual tanks.
Jennie Williamson, in partnership with her husband Brian, founded AriSon Records and the Children’s CD series “God is Great!”.  She is also the founder of Williamson Music Studio where she teaches and oversees approximately 100 students and 8 staff.