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Brian is the founder of AriSon Records in Franklin (Suburb of Nashville), TN.  Brian started as a Christian music executive in 2000.   He has been Executive Producer of over 16 CDs and sold over 750,000 units.
Brian has a deep passion for reaching people of all ages through music.  His vision and leadership has led the successful launches of new CD series in Children’s Ministry, Adult Ministry and Grief Ministry. 
Brian lost his first wife, Tatia, in a car accident in 1998.  After going through the healing journey, he saw the importance of creating valuable Christian music resources that impact lives and heal the hearts of people of all ages with God's love and truths.
 Brian and his wife Jennie married in 2000, have two daughters, 12 and 7, and live in Franklin, TN.  He joins his  Jennie as they travel across the country to share their story, their mission and their love for Christ.
Brian Williamson
"2nd Corinthians 1:3-4"

From the moment she was born, Jennie Williamson grew up on the front row of the church.  Her father, a full-time minister of music in the church, was very inspirational to her as she watched him lead numerous rehearsals each week.  As she listened to the uplifting music and saw how it was put together with such beautiful harmonies and creative arrangements, it inspired her passion for Christian music. 

Jennie was a Vocal Performance Major at Northwest Missouri State University and was a Choral Conducting major as a Graduate Student at Ohio University.  In graduate school,  Jennie was a Top-8 National Finalist for the American Choral Directors Association Graduate-Student Conducting Competition.  After moving to Nashville, Jennie taught two years as a Middle School Music teacher and Choir Director.  
In 2000, Jennie started her career in Christian Music. Her career started by writing the song, “Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled…John 14” for the scripture-based CD series Songs for the Masses. Her songwriting and vocal recording contributed significantly to the project which resulted in successful corporate partnerships and nationwide distribution.  
In 2004, Jennie and her husband Brian created AriSon Records.  AriSon was created to share God’s love and His truth’s through music to children, families, and people of all ages all over the world.  They created the children’s CD series “God is Great!”.  The “God is Great! Volume 1” CD was an instant hit with Christian educators and today, there are 5 CDs in the series. With popular songs like “I am Unique, The Pearly White Gates, I’m Gonna Dance and Be Strong and Courageous, “God is Great!” CDs are being used everyday in Christian schools, homes, Churches and Sunday Schools all over the country.  Other AriSon projects include Hymns CDs, Christmas CDs and a Grief CD series. Jennie is the Producer for every AriSon recording project.

In addition to her career with AriSon, Jennie also owns Williamson Music Studio where she and her staff teach private music lessons to approximately 80 students.

Singing, speaking and teaching are all very important to Jennie.  While she understands that words and text are good for the cognitive part of our brain, she feels the soul is sometimes left untouched.   So many people “hear” the “words” but the “words” may still not penetrate the heart.  Music is just one unique way of reaching, touching and communicating God’s love and truth’s to the deepest parts of our hearts.

Jennie travels all across the country sharing her music and message to Pastors, Teachers, Moms and Dads,  Men and Women, and Boys and Girls.  With selling over 750,000 CDs, it is estimated that Jennie has touched the lives of over 2 million people.  Jennie and Brian live in Franklin, TN, a suburb of Nashville, with their two beautiful girls Emma Lou, 12 and Eva Jane, 7
Jennie Williamson
Christian Recording Artist and Speaker
Singer, Songwriter and Producer
Jennie is the creative genius for AriSon Records.  She is the visionary for all aspects of songwriting, recording and live performances.  
Jennifer Akers
Jennifer Akers is one of the featured Vocalists on the "God is Great!" CD Series. When possible, she joins Jennie Williamson on the road performing at Schools, Churches and Conferences.
Christian Recording Artist